Large alkalic porphyry-related copper-gold style target


  • Trangie is a large alkalic porphyry-related copper-gold style target which the Company has tested with a series of shallow penetrating bedrock core holes.
  • Drilling has returned widespread, favourable potassic-style alteration, manifest by biotite-magnetite which remains indicative of proximity to an intrusion-related system over several kilometres that the Company considers typical of an alkalic porphyry environment.
  • TRNDH007 (229m) Zones of coarse chalcopyrite associated with quartz-carbonate-epidote- veining.
  • TRNDH002 (197m) Pervasively chlorite-magnetite altered basalt with a crosscutting orange albite-quartz-carbonate-epidote-chlorite-pyrite-chalcopyrite vein.
  • TRNDH002 (213m) Complex multiphase alteration and veining associations. Early pervasive chlorite-albite-magnetite alteration overprinted by strong albite-epidote alteration further crosscut by complex quartz-epidote-albite-magnetite-chlorite-pyrite-chalcopyrite veins.
  • TRNDH013 (255m) Highly altered porphyritic andesite drill core. Early albite-epidote-chlorite cut by vein selvages and patches of biotite/sericite and magnetite.
  • MYLDH003 (224m) Highly altered andesitic volcanics cross-cut with a stockwork of quartz-pyrite-chalcopyrite veinlets.

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