Partnered with an expert technical team at forefront of Artificial Intelligence & machine learning and its application to mineral exploration.

Artificial Intelligence Projects

  • AI and machine learning reduces exploration risk by increasing the efficiency of exploration in data rich environments such as NSW.
  • Artificial Neural Networks used for predictive modeling. Algorithms identify and predict hidden patterns and trends in verified, complex and seemingly unrelated data.
  • Process predicts likelihood of mineralization in specific areas.
  • Study generated a number of targets on license free ground.
  • Inflection has built portfolio of  100% owned Exploration Licenses covering several key areas of interest

Technical Team

Colin Barnett – PhD

Former Chief Geophysicist and Director of Exploration Technology for Newmont.

Richard K. Gorton

Former Director of New Business Opportunities and Exploration Manager for Newmont North America.

Peter Williams – PhD

Expert in probability theory & its application to data mining and machine learning. Previously professor of Computer Science at the University of Sussex.